Why Choose LibLynx?

We’re not your standard industry vendor. Clients value our solutions, and here’s why …

Industry Experience

We’ve walked in your shoes. Our staff have spent most of their careers in the knowledge industry, developing and promoting online resources or supporting the organizations that use them. We understand the processes and workflows that underpin identity, access and analytics, as well as the diverse technologies they rely on.

This enables us to engineer solutions that better fit your needs (and, in some cases, suggest approaches you may not have thought of).

User Focus

We focus on solutions that deliver value to your users. Not just the ones using your online resources, but also those involved in your end-to-end delivery and support processes. Whether we’re tailoring interfaces to simplify administration, or customizing integrations with your internal systems, the goal is to deliver value. Technology is simply an enabler.

Our user-focused approach delivers:

  • Solutions that are independent of your technology & platforms
  • Usage-based pricing that scales with your needs
  • Simple integration & automation
  • A high degree of customization

Hands-on Service

We seek long-term relationships with our clients, not short-term sales. To ensure you get value from our solutions, we provide hands-on, specialist support. Whether you are looking for advice on identity strategies or detailed support on technical implementations, our team is vested in your success.

Here are some common examples of how we help you get value from our solutions:

  • Assistance in presenting solutions to key stakeholders within your organization
  • Advising on integration and configuration options
  • Facilitating conversations with technology staff
  • Trouble-shooting access issues directly with your users and/or customers

Our Story

LibLynx was born out of our own frustration with traditional vendor solutions.

We understand electronic publishing – we’ve designed, built and implemented groundbreaking new online resources. And we understand the needs of libraries and other information managers – we’ve worked closely with this community and understand the challenges that librarians face in promoting e-resources.

We recognized that supporting identity, access, and analytics in-house made no sense – why reinvent the wheel given the high opportunity cost of internal technical resources. However, we were never comfortable with the vendor solutions we sourced for identity. They were monolithic, inflexible, expensive and costly to integrate and upgrade.

We created LibLynx to deliver the solutions you need.

Our Management Team

Tim Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer

Tim is passionate about using technology to enhance the delivery of online resources. He brings over 25 years of experience in delivering pioneering electronic products and services, including the first streaming audio and video services for libraries. His leadership experience spans product development, operations and finance on both sides of the Atlantic, and he currently serves on the Governance and Outreach committees of SeamlessAccess.org. Tim is currently based near Washington, DC, and loves spending time in the Appalachian Mountains with his wife and 3 sons.

Paul Dixon

Chief Technology Officer

Paul has over 20 years of experience in academic content delivery, and led pioneering work for UK and US based electronic publishers. Everything from the early days of CD-ROM delivery through to streaming video and cloud-based search. Paul has led the development of 4 generations of IAM systems and resolved more issues than he cares to remember. He’s excited about the opportunity to do access management properly for a change! Paul is married with two daughters and is based near London, he also enjoys hiking in mountains when he can get near some…

Sandy Weiner

Director of Library Sales

Sandy Weiner is the Director for the Library division of LibLynx. Her career spans over twenty five years acting as a liaison between end users and software development teams with an emphasis on the user experience. For the past ten years, Sandy’s focus has been on helping libraries deliver & demonstrate value by providing a remote access solution that also improves the user experience and increases resource usage. Sandy lives in Easton, PA near the Pocono Mountains. She enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, playing Mah Jongg and volunteering at the Family Promise homeless shelter.

John Corkery

Client Engagement Director

John understands helping solve client problems with right-sized solutions. He’s worked on digital transitions, content management, automation, online hosting, and particularly enjoys helping with vendor selection – a sometimes-frustrating task in publishing. He has over 25 years in publishing and technology, working with some of the world’s largest publishers in academic, scholarly and trade markets. John lives in the Boston area where he has taught and practiced Tai Chi for over 30 years. He enjoys gardening and raising chickens… every chicken joke you’ve ever heard is true.

John Field

John is a technical leader and veteran engineer with over two decades of experience in  software engineering, leadership, and related roles, including over a decade in electronic publishing. As well as realising the potential of communications technology as a social good, he’s also passionate about modern organisational practices, so that organisations can be the best they can be. He lives in London, and tries to stick to an "only the one bookcase" rule.

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